Always mata hari - why not!

What is mata hari?

Mata Hari was the stage name of the famous female espionage spy during World War I.

The brand captures the same underlying themes of glamour with a certain dangerous chic sexiness as the heroine it’s named after. mata hari was created in answer to every girl’s desire for a handbag with distinctive characteristics and features that reflects a unique individual style.

If the usual monogrammed luxury bag isn’t your thing, then mata hari’s injection of global pop iconography with a fresh modern street influence is the essential link to making your mark for your personal style with these statement pieces and one-off show-stoppers.

Every bag has a story that reflects the woman who carries it.

Juxtaposing gleaming metal hardware against buttery soft leather — an incredible tactile combination, mata hari handbags and accessories exude high quality craftsmanship and attention to every detail while maintaining function at its purest form.

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